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Hey, ambitious European business

Would you like to grow faster with investors around the globe?


Invesdor provides your funding rounds with...


Negotiations with investors often drag on for a long time. However, when raising money with us you set the schedule, keeping your funding round quick and compact. The clear structure and deadline also help investors to be organized with their investments.

Hosting your funding round on Invesdor also enables you to bring many different types of investors into the same round: VC, angel and crowd, all in one round. Why settle for one?

Marketing benefits

Fundraising with us combines money with marketing. First, building international awareness with a large-scale funding campaign is a great way to build visibility in your target markets, much in the same way as in an IPO.

Second, when raising money with us you build an engaged group of shareholders. They are a powerful marketing resource, as they recommend your products or services, contribute with their expertise and become more profitable customers.

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Success Cases



Zenz Organic

Zenz Organic

Askel Healthcare

Askel Healthcare



Siili Solutions

Siili Solutions

And many more


Crowdfunding is digitalised fundraising

Crowdfunding is a modern way to raise funding online from an expanding network of international investors.


Invesdor is the Nordic market leader

We help businesses from all fields and development stages – from technology startups to listed companies in more traditional industries – to raise funding online, efficiently and securely. We are the market leader in equity crowdfunding in the Nordics and merged in 2019 with Austrian platform Finnest, taking a new step to the DACH market.


Cross-border is what we do

We have been solving the issues of cross-border fundraising since our founding in 2012 and we are proud of our expertise in cross-border offerings. With our licence enabling us to operate in the entire European Economic Area, we are on a mission to help businesses Europe-wide to reach investors from all around the world.

We are currently active in:

  • Finland
  • DACH countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden




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Fundraising options for your campaign

We organise two types of funding rounds: equity and bonds

Equity offering

Issue new shares

Sell ownership and voting rights in your company, no interest paid

Marketing benefits e.g. visibility and brand ambassadors

Useful funding type for growth companies

Bond offering

Borrow money from investors worldwide

Interest repayments twice a year

Loan repaid to investors at the end of the term

Suitable for established companies with steady cash flow

We help you every step of the way

We pride ourselves on our full-service approach. The Invesdor team has your back from the preparation of your funding round all the way to its closing.

Investor network

Access our pool of 50,000+ international investors.

Human support

Hands-on human to human support throughout your campaign.

Easy pitch tool

Structure your pitch materials on our easy-to-use platform.

Payment systems

Our integrated payment systems make capital transfers quick and flexible.

Legal made lean

Make paperwork hassle-free with our document templates and helpful legal team.

Marketing planning

Work on investor outreach and plan your campaign with help from our marketing team.

Expertise for rent

Need extra help? Whether it's marketing magic or legal labour, our team's expertise is yours for an additional fee.

Investors relations

Our digital investor relations tools make it easy for companies to have many investors.

The average funding round in 2018




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Sound good? 

One more thing before you start planning your funding campaign; make sure your business meets our criteria:

  • Registered company (Ltd, Oy, AS etc.)
  • Committed team
  • Marketing-mindedness
  • Growth potential
  • No unresolved credit issues
  • Up-to-date online presence


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