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What our cooperation with Danske Bank means

On Monday we announced that we had started a cooperation with Danske Bank in Finland. From Invesdor’s perspective, we will be receiving client leads from the bank. The cooperation is an efficient client acquisition channel for us.

In our cooperation model, Danske can guide its business customers looking to raise equity financing to reach out to us. We then evaluate the company’s suitability for crowdfunding, and if everything clicks, they can  become our clients. The cooperation has already gotten off to a great start with several of Danske’s cases being evaluated at the moment.

For investors this naturally means increasing numbers of new investment opportunities. Banks have deep pools of businesses coming to them for assistance in matters of funding, and among them many are of the growth-minded sort that fares exceptionally well in crowdfunding.

The cooperation has no bearing on our business customers, and those of our clients who are also customers of Danske Bank will not receive any preferential treatment.

”We recognize that risks in crowdfunding are different from the ones in banking”, said Danske Bank’s head of business banking in Finland, Leena Vainiomäki. ”This is why we chose as our partner one of the most experienced and professional players in the field and as the basis of our cooperation a referral-based model in which we don’t claim fees.”

It is fantastic to see Danske Bank taking an active stance in the equity crowdfunding market, and I truly admire their attitude towards the cooperation. It gives validity to the industry and furthers the position of crowdfunding as a viable alternative for businesses’ growth financing needs.

Provided that our cooperation goes well in Finland, we hope that we can roll the model out in other Nordic countries in the near future. Time will tell how well the model works, but the early signs are promising.

It truly is an exciting time to be in the equity crowdfunding business. If you think the same way, head on over to our pitch page to see how you can invest in Invesdor.

Mikko Savolainen
Communications manager, Invesdor

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Mikko Savolainen

Written by Mikko Savolainen

Head of marketing at Invesdor