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Minilaod is bringing self storage into Estonia

What kind of an entrepreneur are you?

Experienced serial entrepreneur who still gets excited over new projects time and time again.


Introduce your company

Our 100% subsidiary Minilaod Oü rents self storage units (2-18 m2) for storing of all kinds of loose items. The company has 176 self storage units close to downtown Tallinn with 100% occupancy.

What is the particular value of your services?

Exceptionally nice storage facilities, polite and friendly customer service.


What are the main goals of your funding round?

We are seeking capital from investors to expand our business in Tallinn and to elsewhere in Estonia and later on to the rest of the Baltic countries.


The past, present and future of the company

The business started in small scale and grew sluggishly in the beginning. The concept was not yet known in Estonia. Now we are fully rented, the company is profitable and our cash flow has been positive for 2,5 years already. We expect to grow briskly in the future and expand geographically.


Why equity crowdfunding?

Because it is risky to finance your growth with borrowed money.


Why now?

The business is now at such a stage both operatively and financially that it can absorb more capital, invest it profitably and grow that way.


What were the biggest challenges of organizing a funding round?

To get investors' attention in a situation where there are so many competing crowdfunding opportunities on offer for them.

How did you hear about Invesdor?

From Privanet Oy:s MD.


Why Invesdor?

It is the leading platform for crowdfunding in Finland and other Nordic countries.


How long did it take to prepare the pitch materials?

About 3 months.


Three reasons to invest in your company           

  • The business is stable, this is not a start-up project that stands or fall with this campaign.
  • Company management has experience and a good track record in this line of business.
  • Company’s growth prospects are excellent since self storage business is still in its infancy in the Baltic countries. Early bird catches the worm.

Read more about Mini-Holding's equity offering.

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