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Say hello to the brand new Invesdor design!

Say hello to the brand new Invesdor design! The past few months we have been thinking about how and when to update our somewhat outdated site to the year 2016. About a month ago we took action, got a new design and implemented it.


In front of you is the result.

We kept our signature Invesdor Pink, but updated it a notch so it became a warmer shade of pink. We will keep on using it as the main brand color, both because it is very recognizable (you won’t miss us at fairs or conferences when we walk around in our pink t-shirts) and because we are very fond of the color.

Another big update is our new fonts. We were looking for a cleaner and more simple look and updated all headlines according to the sans serif font Antenna we chose. All images have also been updated - or actually, the lack of images in the old version has been corrected.


New updates

Finally, at the same time with these brand updates we launch a completely new section for all you entrepreneurs out there! The page is a complete 'get started' package for entrepreneurs, including all information you need to know when you start thinking about setting up your crowdfunding campaign with us. Check it out here and contact us directly through the form on the site.

So how does all of this sound? Do you like the changes? We will of course continue with continuously updating the site, but if you already now feel like you are missing something important please tell us!


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