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Meet the Invesdorians

Invesdor team 2016 Invesdor team 2016

It seems like only a couple of months ago we were just three guys hunched over a couple of spare desks in a secluded corner of the NewCo Helsinki business accelerator. In reality, that was three years ago, while today the Invesdor team comprises 17 smart and driven doers.

We realised that many of our core team members haven't been properly introduced. To remedy this, we're kicking off a new blog series whose entries will each follow an individual Invesdorian for a day, documenting their doings around the office and showcasing their personalities, habits and quirks. Hopefully this'll provide a glimpse behind the scenes and give you a better idea of the people you're dealing with when dealing with Invesdor!

The first "A day in the life of an Invesdorian" blog entry will be published next week. Stay tuned!

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