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Finance, let's dance.

You may have noticed a big change in the Invesdor brand beginning to take shape over June 2016. We had come to the conclusion that we had become bland over the years, so we started combatting this by completely overhauling our brand.

At the beginning of the month we launched the new Invesdor design, freshening up all our visuals and typography – read our marketing manager Malin’s words on the new design. We also started to put more emphasis on content, both useful and edgy, and bringing forth our opinions on current issues more, such as our recent opinion piece on Brexit.

One additional change you may have noticed is our new tag line: “Finance, let’s dance.” Quite a departure from “crowdinvesting worldwide”, I know, so we felt that we should explain the ideology behind the tag line a bit more.


No ordinary tango

The sentiment behind the sentence really goes back to the core of what we’re trying to do, and the core of equity crowdfunding and marketplace finance stem from quite an obvious insight:

Finance is a rigid industry very much in need of disruption.

The workings of the financial industry – bank accounts, credit cards, online payments, investing, etc. – underlie many parts of our everyday lives. Yet the systems, processes and conventions that banks and other financial institutions have built up over the centuries have over time become stiff, heavy and expensive.

This has made investing unnecessarily exclusive. As a result, fundraising for growth has become a necessary evil rather than productive campaigning and co-creation. This needs to change.


We have a dream

Investing and fundraising should be fun, exciting and easy – not uptight, boring and clumsy. However, because of the prevalence of risk in investing in general and of the complexity of fundraising for entrepreneurs who are not used to it, the established rules of the industry should be followed. Therefore, finance needs people who know and respect the rules of the game and play by them, but in a modern, flexible and playful manner.

Which brings us to where we are, challenging finance by helping investors and businesses to team up and create something valuable together. We are challengers in the industry, and at every turn we make an effort to challenge old assumptions and remain quick on our feet.

With “finance, let’s dance” we want to throw down a challenge to the financial industry, while emphasising our core values of nimbleness and agility – the way modern finance should be. When the music changes, so does the dance. And we think it’s about time someone taught finance to twist.


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Mikko Savolainen

Written by Mikko Savolainen

Head of marketing at Invesdor