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DeLight CEO: "I call myself a responsible entrepreneur"


Kalle Huikko, Founder and CEO (M.Sc. Economics)
Has 37 years of experience in paper business (Finpap) and paper & cardboard converting industry. He is entrepreneur and founder of Suomen Kerta Oy established in 1986. Suomen Kerta Oy is a family company which has three factories: Imatra factory (paper plates & cups), Kotka factory (napkins & table covers) and Riihima╠łki candle factory ( candles under brand Havi). Read more in the pitch and invest in DeLight

1. Why did you become an entrepreneur?

 I grew up in an entrepreneur family. Being an entrepreneur is in my heritage and in my soul.


2. What are you like as an entrepreneur?

I call myself a responsible entrepreneur. Because being an entrepreneur brings a lot of responsibilities, for example to the customers, to personnel of the company, to investors and to the society in whole.


3. What makes the story of your personal career interesting?

I have worked in the paper and cardboard manufacturing and converting business for 35 years.


4. What is your biggest professional accomplishment?

Entrepreneur of the year in South Karelia and records in negotiating labour agreements.


5. What is your biggest professional blunder?

Investing to production in Russia. The difficulties in sales were overwhelming due to corruption and we made the decision to close down the factory.


6. What is your dream for your company?

My dream is to develop our business further and continue to work as an entrepreneur in a family business.


7. Who is your role model and why?

My role model is Gustaf Serlachius, a Finnish industrialist and wood processing pioneer, because he was persistent and because of that conquered all obstacles and difficulties in his way.


8. What motivates you?

Returns from efforts made, organisational as well as personal.


9. Why crowdfunding and why with Invesdor?

We want to be a part in developing new and different platforms for crowdfunding and we chose Invesdor, because it offers a good platform for this.


10. Why would you invest in your company? Give three reasons.

  • Unique products and 11 patents worldwide.
  • Environmental issues and future prospects
  • Huge profit potential

Read more in the pitch and invest in DeLight

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