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Success Story: Stupid Stupid Games

A smart smart team

Suvi Kiviniemi and Jussi Kyrönseppä met while studying at Haaga-Helia and decided to found Stupid Stupid Games. They are determined to make a dent in the gaming industry. Their current offer includes pc games, tabletop roleplaying games, visual novels and ebooks.

Although these founders are experts on all things gaming, they took to crowdfunding as a way to secure the best human resources. Once they’d gathered a committed team, they set off to overcome initial limitations.

Playing into the future

Starting from scratch meant they were able to follow a bespoke strategy. The top priorities were tied with crafting a great story and designing a universe for it, way before any playable content was released. Then, after securing intellectual property rights, (IPR) they had all they needed to firmly set a genre and plan future extensions.

  1. Their clear vision makes for a credible case and gives potential investors a good grasp on the team’s direction.
  2. Well aware of social media’s potential, the team had frequent posts and updates about the crowdfunding round to boost interest and engagement among potential investors.
  3. Aside from that, they placed a strong emphasis on visuals. The attention grabbing images and videos were a perfect way to display commitment.

We’re proud to report Stupid Stupid Games reached 133% of their target, raising €33,932.

Game tips to the experts

Team members are certainly quick on their feet, but perhaps they could have prepared better for this campaign. As innovative as their approach to IPR might have been, it was probably too complex for such an early stage.

Potential investors don’t always know the ins and outs of every industry, so the crowdfunding campaign could have benefited from clearer explanations.

All in all we count this as a good learning experience and we look forward to see what comes next.

For more about Stupid Stupid Games check out their pitch.

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