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Marita Huurinainen CEO: "We look for brand ambassadors"


Andreas Jank
Co-founder and CEO, full-time

When introduced to the Marita Huurinainen collections, Andreas was so impressed and convinced about their business potential he left his position as a Vice President in investment banking at Citigroup in London to move to Finland and start the company together with Marita. Andreas is responsible for strategy, finance, sales, and the general management of the company. Read the pitch here


1. Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. In highschool I dediced I’d study business at university. When I met Marita I was really impressed by the business potential of her concepts, especially the wild furs. The opportunity to bring those concepts to life and start a business seemed very exciting to me.


2. What are you like as an entrepreneur?

I’m a quick learner. I’m determined, optimistic and I never give up.


3. What makes the story of your personal career interesting?

Before meeting Marita, I worked as an investment banker for almost ten years. Then I quit my job in London, I moved to Helsinki and I started this business. It probably sounds crazy for anyone from finance to start a business in a sector they’re not familiar with.


4. What is your biggest professional accomplishment?

Getting the company, (Marita Huurinainen) to where it is today and preparing it to continue growing.


5. What is your biggest professional blunder?

There were many small mistakes throughout my career, but fortunately enough I can’t think of any major blunders.


6. What is your dream for your company?

I’d like our fashion brand to become successful internationally.


7. Who is your role model and why?

I’m inspired by any successful entrepreneurs who create their businesses from scratch.


8. What motivates you?

My main motivation is the chance to create a business with lasting success and meaningful products.


9. Why crowdfunding and why with Invesdor?

I think everyone should have a possibility to invest in start-ups. It shouldn’t be just for investment firms. We’re interested in getting as many investors as possible, and having them as our brand ambassadors. Invesdor has a very strong base in Finland, and we’d like to get more local investors. Besides, we strongly identify with Invesdor’s ambitions for international growth.


10. Why would you invest in your company? Give three reasons.

We have unique products, like wild furs and wave shoes. These are things no one else offers, and that could trully change the fashion industry.

Our organisation is great and we have a strong international distribution which can ensure growth.

This is an opportunity to diversity your portfolio and invest on something real and lasting, rather than just on the usual tech, internet and gaming sectors.

Check out the pitch for more information on Marita Huurinainen, and learn how you can invest.

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