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Carepacks CEO interview: "We want to help people choose healthier and to create positive change"

For today's entrepreneur interview we had a chat with May-Rita Kappfjell, CEO and founder of the Oslo-based healthy-snacking company Carepacks.

For today's entrepreneur interview we had a chat with May-Rita Kappfjell, CEO and founder of the Oslo-based Carepacks. Carepacks's mission is to make healthy snacking and a healthier lifestyle more accessible for everyone. Currently Carepacks is raising funding for their growth on Invesdor.


May-Rita, why did you become an entrepreneur?

I noticed a need in the market space to improve accessibility for healthier snacks as in the grocery stores as the current selection is limited and the brands that often are portrayed as healthier unfortunately in many cases are not. This creates a jungle for the consumers both to uncover and understand what types of snacks are healthier. This is the problem I together with the team set out to solve and one of the main reasons for founding CarePacks. At the same time consumers are increasingly buying food and other items delivered directly to them. We wanted to start something that can make both a positive change in peoples life and at the same time make it a business as there is a clear window of opportunity.


What are you like as an entrepreneur?

My biggest strength as an entrepreneur is my drive to execute on the plans and strategies for the company. A good idea is not enough, you need to connect the dots and at the same time push through on all loose ends. In the startup phase of the company its a balancing act with multiple projects ongoing at the same time, the need to delegate and ensure quality in all aspects is a continuous part of the team's efforts. We have created an awesome team to deliver on the company visions.  

I love all aspects of the work from marketing to logistics, and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and contribute in whatever it takes to get the job done. 


What makes the story of your personal career interesting? 

I have been fortunate to have a very diverse background that i have derived insights and experience from. I come from Lapland and my family has had reindeer for centuries. It is a lifestyle and a family business in which you often participate and help out from a very young age, so it teaches you about teamwork and pulling your weight. My husband is also a serial entrepreneur, so i would say that entrepreneurship is a way of life in both our household and in general.


What is your biggest professional accomplishment?

Without a doubt: CarePacks. The company has existed since April last year, and the concept was under development for barely 6 months prior to the founding of the company, and within barely a month after starting we shipped our first CarePacks to anticipating customers. It's been fun, things are pushing ahead rapidly, and we have in a very short time validated our business case and concepts while achieving results that we are proud of. Already we are shipping subscription packages to new markets. Our clients are in addition very generous with great feedback, and we are having a blast!


What is your biggest professional blunder?

Can not really say that i have one specific blunder in mind as all my jobs has provided some key learnings, both on what my strengths and weaknesses are. But there is something in the expression "win or learn" and many, many years ago I once chose an aggressive telemarketer job. It was a good but at the same time hard learning curve for me, and I took something great out of the short period with this specific company that has helped me both understand how my style and platform needs to be.


What is your dream for your company?

My dream for the company is that we can make a real difference in people's eating habits for the better, to reduce the consumption of sugar, salts and fats. In order to do so we need to educate consumers on how to choose healthier by making both information and products easily accessible for the end consumer on a large scale and keep growing our business as we create that positive change!

I would also like to give it to the sugar industry that in my point of view has tricked consumers into overconsumption since time immemorial.

CarePacks wants it the other way in opposition to the industry: no overconsumption, just enjoy the good and right things in life in moderation when it comes to your diet. We are living in interesting times: where startup brands in the FMCG industry are what's growing the categories and challenging the big brands. We aim to be a substantial player in this game moving forward.


Who is your role model and why?

I haven't personified a role model, but I keep in high regard people that dare to choose their own path and take the risks that traveling the road less taken involves. I am lucky to have around me so many people who have that mindset.


What motivates you?

Achieving results and the satisfaction it provides when you reach your goals, then to raise the bar further, to progress and improve.


Why crowdfunding and why with Invesdor?

Crowdfunding gives you a larger network of both investors and ambassadors across borders, as CarePacks is a company that scales we see this as a benefit. Invesdor was chosen as we have invested through the platform in Bad Norwegian and the experience was good.


Why would you invest in your company? Give three reasons.

1. The company surfs on several megatrends that we just have seen the starting point of.

2. Scalable business model with several recurring revenue streams with a large market potential as the categories we provide goods in are extremely large.

3. I can not stress this enough, we help people choose healthier.


Want to read more? Head on over to Carepack's pitch!


May-Rita Kappfjell is CEO and founder of CarePacks. She has experience in building up large customer bases for companies with a large global community through content marketing and community engagement. May-Rita also possesses management experience from several startups as well as experience from the food industry. 

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