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Shining a light on the digital tech scene in the North of England - Introducing TECH NORTH 

Invesdor UK country manager Henrik Ottosson starts a crowdfunding tour in the North of England today. Sign up now if you're in Wakefield, Manchester, Newcastle or Liverpool!

The Head of the UK branch of Invesdor, Henrik Ottosson is due to start a 4 cities in 2 days tour in the North today. Henrik will be visiting Wakefield, Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool to deliver talks on how crowdfunding works, the benefits and how you can get involved! 

Henrik will be discussing options for both entrepreneurs and investors, how to make the most of your round, how to get started as an investor and the benefit and potential pitfalls to watch out for. 

So whether you are interested in raising money through crowdfunding for your business or would like to be part of an exciting start-up this tour will help you to decipher any myths and get you on the path to success with crowdfunding. 

Get in on the action and book your ticket on Eventbrite!

From global excellence in health tech, media tech, data analytics, gaming and ecommerce, the North’s digital economy is driving real change and growth.

With the desire to create prosperity and opportunity for the next generation at the heart of its mission, Tech North aims to ensure the North continues to be part of the UK’s ongoing journey to becoming the world’s leading digital economy.

Two of the largest Tech IPO’s of 2014, AO.com and Boohoo were founded and are still based in the North West and Tech North aims to continue to grow and nurture entrepreneurs that go on to start up hugely successful businesses like these. 

Ahead of Henrik’s trip we interview Martin Bryant from Tech North about the entrepreneur scene in the North of England. 


Why the North? 

Tech North was set up by the UK government to help promote and develop the technology sector across the North of England. There's a lot of talent and economic potential in the region, and it's our role to help build a strong sector around that. We do that in a number of ways: we have programmes that address the needs of early-stage tech businesses and larger employers alike, and we share stories of successful companies that may otherwise fly under the radar.


What was the trigger for starting the Northern Powerhouse?

In an attempt to address the North–South economic imbalance and to attract investment into Northern Cities, The Northern Power House was set up by Chancellor George Osborne in 2015. 

Aimed at knowledge hungry entrepreneurs that didn’t want to up root to London, we wanted a place in the north that was dedicated to addressing the challenges tech entrepreneurs face in accessing finance, support, mentorship and talent. 


With the assumed capital of the north being Manchester – which regions do Tech North actually cover?

Tech North covers the whole of the North of England. That includes big cities like Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Sunderland; but also the rest of the region. You might not associate areas like East Cheshire, Burnley or York with technology but there's notable activity across the North, and we're here to support it and shine a light on it. 


What’s the Northern entrepreneurial scene like? 

The Northern entrepreneurial scene is richer and healthier than many people may realise. Traditionally, the problem has been that successful international companies generating huge revenues base themselves across the North but don't really talk publicly about their success. As a result, local people often don't realise what's on their doorstep and think they have to travel to London or abroad to build a career in tech. 

That situation is gradually improving. The growth of thriving, visible tech communities in cities like Manchester and Newcastle helps, and people across the North are realising they can build tech businesses here. Community hackspaces in towns like Leigh and Oldham serve an important grassroots role too.

There's still a lot of work to do, particularly in areas like investment and skills (there are brilliant companies crying out for great staff, and I'd advise skilled people to check out what's available in the region) so Tech North still has a lot of work to do.


How are you working with Invesdor? 

As part of the ongoing aim to widen the opportunities and prospects for companies based in the North of England Tech North have invited Henrik to educate Northern Entrepreneurs on Crowdfunding and the ways in which they can prepare to be investment ready.

If you would like to hear more from Invesdor about crowdfunding get yourself a ticket to the two day tour at Eventbrite.

About the author:
Sim Takhar, British born and bred, is an entrepreneur in the world of fashion. She launched her online marketplace for Independent designers last year and is fascinated by the growth of the entrepreneurial scene in the UK and beyond.

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