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The art of getting IoT “right”

IoT (The Internet of Things) is – for some – a buzzword; a sound bite that could describe any number of applications and devices. Many consumers, quite rightly, associate it with the ability to turn your home oven on from work, or boil the kitchen kettle from the comfort of your bed upstairs.


Harnessing the potential of IoT

IoT, in its basic form, involves extracting and collecting data from the outside world – such as temperature, noise levels, motion, position, vibration, water levels and more – then accessing and interpreting that data.

A number of companies are developing practical applications that leverage IoT’s technology and its potential for consumers and businesses. And the potential is huge.  WinterGreen Research recently projected that the worldwide market for IoT is anticipated to reach $185.9 billion by 2023.

The complete report illustrates the different ways in which IoT can be applied, including tracking devices for industry, healthcare and consumers.  Susan Eustis, lead author of the study, said: “Transparency is one of the benefits of IoT that sensors bring to digital controls.”


Execute effective decision-making

It is this transparency that is at the heart of Stonelin Communications Ltd., a company formed by Steven Stone and Dabin Lin to design, develop and manufacture a range of electronic devices that capture useful data from the outside world and process this data into a format that helps businesses, users and stakeholders execute effective decisions.

In addition to long, established careers in engineering and technology, Steven and Dabin have established careers in building and marketing IoT tracking devices for worldwide distribution. As Pettorway, the pair have developed and manufactured a range of pet tracking devices, which has enabled them to develop significant knowledge of the technology associated with the development of such devices, including GPS, GPRS, software, firmware and hardware. It also gave them the experience of working and partnering with a network provider – EE – to deliver data and connectivity.


Opportunities for tracking technology

In developing, marketing and distributing the pet tracker, it became clear that there were many other opportunities for Stonelin’s tracking technology. “Having both visited and exhibited at various exhibitions attended in the UK and abroad it has become clear that electronic tracking, wearable technology, and the incorporation of this into machine-to-machine technology has far outreaching implications beyond pet tracking,” said Stone. “Dabin and I have incorporated Stonelin Communications Limited as a vehicle for exploring and developing various applications.”

Underpinned by market research and strategic partnerships for testing and execution, Stonelin is developing three tracker types to meet the needs of specific sectors.

“Several application areas were investigated,” Stone explained, “and our focus is now on areas where we saw the greatest need. A testament to these needs is the fact that we are trialling two devices with partners – our vehicle tracker (V-Trak) is being trialled by Autohorn Fleet Services; our tracker for domiciliary services (W-Trak) is being trialled by Mediline.”

In addition, Stonelin is developing D-Trak, a user-friendly tracking device used to monitor and locate people suffering from dementia. (Read more about the trackers in development here.)


The integrity of the network

Data is only as good as the network over which it runs, and Stonelin has partnered with Orange Communications to provide worldwide connectivity services for all its GPS tracking and IoT requirements.  “Orange is one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies,” said Stone, “and is very dynamic and proactive in developing new technologies, particularly connected device data support, M2M, ioT, GPS tracking support, and more.”

While IoT is relatively new and commercially undeveloped, Stonelin’s experience and expertise have put them in a unique position to deliver successful solutions. “We know first-hand that in order to have a failsafe IoT system you need four key elements: robust hardware devices that collect data from the outside world; a reliable medium for transmission such as Bluetooth, wi-fi, GPRS; a storage facility for data, cloud, and server; and algorithms for data manipulation and presentation,” said Stone. “Stonelin has all of those, in spades.”


A variety of different applications

Mastery of these four elements underpins Stonelin’s ability to quickly develop new products from concept to prototype to production in the fast-moving IoT industry. Stonelin has already been approached with regard to a variety of different possible applications, including health care, health and safety, cycle theft monitoring, and ATM theft prevention and recovery. “We believe that Stonelin are getting IoT ‘right’,” said Stone. “We have real applications that we can design and develop very rapidly. We have the ability to make IoT a reality.  ”


Working with Invesdor

Steven has been following Invesdor since the Nordic equity crowdfunding company landed on UK shores.  After initial discussions with Henrik Ottosson, Invesdor’s UK Director, Steven was very impressed with Invesdor’s proposition and the package on offer.  “Henrik’s support and advice in getting our pitch ready has been paramount,” said Stone. “He is always available to help with even the most tedious of questions.”

Stonelin Communications Ltd is currently fundraising with Invesdor. Design and development of D-Trak and W-Trak, along with the supporting web-based platform, has thus far been supported by Pettorway.  “Further funding is needed so that we can get our three main devices into full production,” said Stone. “Achieving our fundraising goal means all three trackers will be rolled out in the first three years of trading.”

To find out more or to invest in Stonelin Communications Ltd, please click here.


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Gayle O’Brien

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