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Card payments temporarily out of use

Invesdor Group completes first DACH equity case: Biogena raises almost €2m in funding

Invesdor introduces two convertible bond products

NoHo Partners acquires Friends & Brgrs - a good deal for retail investors

Nordic crowdfunding pioneer Invesdor receives €1.9m funding to execute its European growth strategy

Saila Soljasalo starts as Invesdor’s Head of Legal and Compliance

Clothes & apparel - risky business or a fashionable investment?

Here’s how you open up a book-entry account

13 Steps to Running a Successful Fundraising Round

Why you should make growth investments before the IPO

The merger of Invesdor and Finnest creates a comprehensive new digital investing service

Invesdor wins in a prestigious European competition and nominated for Finland’s most revolutionary fintech

Why a man allergic to dogs invests in a dog coat trimmer

Let's talk about inventions! Entrepreneur interview with Karhia's Markus Ristaniemi

Is the pet care industry an investor’s best friend?

Getting to Know Proptech & The Industry’s Investment Potential

Merger of Invesdor and Finnest Finalised: New Fintech Star Is Born

Entrepreneur interview with Solwers


FinTech merger creates Europe’s 1st full-scale digital financing and investing platform – Invesdor covering the Nordic and Finnest representing German speaking countries become new Invesdor Group

VEEN set for its debut crowdfunding round of €1.2MN

Invesdor's platform revolutionises financial services – 4 reasons to outsource

Nordea x Invesdor: 2 success cases down, 2 more coming up

What is a liquidation preference? An explanation of the early-stage investor’s insurance

Entrepreneur interview with InsightsAtlas

Analytics Company Declares War On False Information – “Artificial Intelligence Hype a Humongous Bubble”

Naava aims to get listed – preparing with crowdfunding

Entrepreneur interview with Yeply: join the revolution of bicycle repair services

The startup with the ‘ice cream van approach’ to revolutionizing bike repairs

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

The two models of equity crowdfunding – Which one is right for you?

Fafa's' founder: "This is my biggest accomplishment."

Invesdor wins title of Best Nordic Fintech Startup of the Year

What is the State of Equity Crowdfunding Heading into Q4 of 2018?

Art of Valuation: How to Balance Between Bargain and Bizarre?

Invesdor wins Finnish Fintech Startup of the Year, continues to Nordic finals

Huoleti Ltd promoted as one of the leading GovTech Startups transforming Europe’s public services

What is included in the progress bar?

Huoleti CEO: I'm a service design geek to make the support network available in everybody's pocket.

"It is of utmost importance that you are passionate about what you do" - Mekitec CEO

"Bringing people's minds together might often lead into better outcomes"

"With the help of Treamer, we can help more people to have a better luck in their lives"

Distence's CEO: "I don't consider myself an entrepreneur"

The many shades of crowdfunding

Distence Solves the Digitalization of Industrial Machinery

Nordea and Invesdor to initiate collaboration in digital financing for Finnish growth companies

Vere CEO: If the solution seems to suit everyone, it actually fits nobody

Pioneering Finnish staffing startup Treamer boosts growth through public offering

We are prepared for GDPR!

FanLeague CEO: "Our business model is scalable, simple and transparent."

Sharetribe raises €1.1M as new kind of company structure inspires investors from 42 countries

Swedish startup aims to overhaul the music industry

Home bias in investments: What it is and how to avoid it

This tech startup raises funding without ever planning to exit

Seabased's CEO: "Wave-energy is a whole new vertical in renewables."

The silent enemy: Insulin Resistance

Musopia's founder: "I have always been an entrepreneur"

Common funding fears: How do you manage lots of shareholders?

Shares should include voting rights

Wello's CEO: "My hobby and passion has become my profession."

Master Car entrepreneur's biggest accomplishment: "Growing a company from 0 to €10m revenue"

We have published a description of the Invesdor DD

MoveSole CEO: "Becoming an entrepreneur was a coincidence"

MoveSole Ltd signs notable distribution deal for Northern and Central Europe

Eco-labelled beauty product brand Zenz Organic seeks funding for further internationalisation

MoveSole smart insole measures the gait of a patient

Leading Nordic bitcoin broker Prasos breaks records raising €2.5M

Daniel Laurén Joins Invesdor as Swedish Country Manager

InvestorConnected; getting entrepreneurs “investment ready”

Dr Sannas AB (publ) plans listing to NGM Nordic MTF, launches equity issue on Invesdor

About Finnish Transfer Tax

The Brothers Karli and Their Juicy Startup

Leading Nordic bitcoin broker seeks investment to boost European expansion

Industry Trends: Venture Capital and Equity Crowdfunding in 2017

InvestorConnected: making the lives of investors and entrepreneurs easier.

How are EU Regulations Shaping Equity Crowdfunding Platforms?

Management Tips for Entrepreneurs: Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Lessons learned from seasoned equity crowdfunding experts

Fuudel: A platform for restaurants, customers, and delivery drivers

The Intersection of Politics and Equity Crowdfunding: Brexit

Study: Investors want experiences, not only returns

On the Horizon: 4 Equity Crowdfunding Trends for 2018

Read These 3 Reports to Understand Equity Crowdfunding in the EU

Where is equity crowdfunding taking investors?

Shouldn't wearable tech actually be useful?

How retail tech start-ups are bridging the gap between physical and digital

Fuudel CEO Dabier: The Accidental Entrepreneur.

Three points to keep in mind about Seafire's IPO

Invesdor scores first successful Swedish funding round, announces launch event in Stockholm

My Locum Choice CEO: "I enjoy every aspect of what I do"

Marianne from Sanoste wants to bring joy and wellbeing for the elderly

Yepzon CEO Otto Linna's speciality is making the impossible possible

Investment in cyber security start-ups is set to explode. Because fish tanks.

Service announcement regarding recent out-of-office email spam

Invesdor alumnus Marita Huurinainen shows strong growth a year after funding round

Wayra partners with Tubecon to develop a Lab for video creators

From scientists to entrepreneurs: interview with Askel Healthcare founders

Fintech partners with fintech – Sharpfin opens crowdfunding round

No more joint pain – Finnish medical device innovation heals unhealable cartilage tissue

Invesdor alumnus Fitness Village launches app, opens gamified gym

Tubecon heading to new international markets – launches crowdfunding campaign

Social impact start-ups from around the world

Returns from Unlisted Investing

London remains Europe’s tech hub, but who is getting investment?

Three key trends in equity crowdfunding in 2017

Why technology should take over education

Ezylet: A one-stop shop for landlords

Ezylet founder's recipe for success: "I always asked"

Invesdor launches first crowdfunding campaign in Sweden with TidyApp

What is Media for Equity and how does it work?

Interview with the Karhia brothers

Clinical trials of Injeq IQ-Needle™ to expand in the Nordic countries

Health tech is vast, diverse, and ready for anything

VCs invest together with the crowd at Invesdor

Making the world greener one Plantui at a time

New appointments at Invesdor

Can PropTech solve the UK’s housing crisis?

Why blockchain’s limitations are good news for start-ups

Global v US VC investment in 2016

Can anyone make spinal tap smarter?

Getting Started in Crowd Investing? A 5-point checklist

Should you share photos of your children on social media?

The art of getting IoT “right”

What’s the ‘next big thing’ for UK start-ups and investors?

Write the greatest children's story ever told... their own!

Interview with Stonelin Communications's Steven Stone

Interview with Transfluent CEO: How a blunder with Jared Leto became a victory, and more

Brexit Britain is addressing the SME funding gap: SEIS and EIS explained

Interview: Skwibble, tell the greatest children's story ever told...their own!

How FinTech can seize the Brexit moment

What’s in store for Equity Crowdfunding in 2017?

How BlueJay turns your smartphone into a radio station

How to spot a profit opportunity, part 1

Interview: BlueJay Music, the social radio app

Interview with FitWood: "I want to help people get into a more active lifestyle"

What Brexit means for start-up investment in the UK (there’s even good news!)

The future of home fitness starts with a failed Kickstarter and an ice hockey star

Calcus helps SMEs scratch their growing itch for native advertising

Tellybean, the award winning TV video call service company launches crowdfunding campaign

Interview with ChargeSync CEO: "I try to be creative, push the boundaries and do new things."

This year's largest Nordic crowdfunding event will be held in Helsinki in March

What does UK agri-tech need? (Hint: Farmers.)

How good are returns from equity crowdfunding?

5 Tips on Pitching from Pitching Guru Annette Kramer

‘Skype for Grannies’ Pivots to Digitalise Elderly Care

Award-winning crowdfunded accessories help avoid everyday crankiness

5 things startups should know before entering a corporate accelerator

Mika Ihamuotila invests in Invesdor

What type of investor are you?

Carepacks CEO interview: "We want to help people choose healthier and to create positive change"

Shining a light on the digital tech scene in the North of England - Introducing TECH NORTH 

The future of green-tech in the UK

"Not our responsibility, but our problem"

Vino Beano MD: "I seek constant and never ending improvement"

Future of concert technology

We're hiring! Project manager for fintech development in Finland

The importance of portfolio diversification in startups

Invesdor kicks off Norway’s equity crowdfunding market with 3 successful cases in 2016

The man who couldn’t learn languages: The story of WordDive

Finnish education export at its best: Digital prep course finds an international audience

Understanding growth investing

A Look at Crowdfunding Regulation Worldwide

Fintechs and big finance: Collaboration, not just competition

How does equity crowdfunding work with listed companies?

Fintech companies are specialists that serve the underserved

Invesdor and Åland government-backed venture capital company begin co-operation

Fintech and the future of investing

2016 is looking like a good year in Nordic investments

Nordic Growth Market brings new listing opportunities to crowdfunded companies

Due diligence – What you need to check before investing

EnergyNest CFO: "Renewable energy storage technology is urgently needed"

Investing in private businesses: the democratising effect of crowdfunding

Europe's first crowdfunding exit via IPO

What goes around: European alternative finance in Q3/16

Lessons From Two Successful Invesdor Campaigns

Crowdfunding and IPOs: Is equity crowdfunding just corporate finance?

Crowdfunded equities in a balanced investment portfolio

Heeros IPOs a year after crowdfunding on Invesdor

SPVs in equity crowdfunding

Finance, let’s dance: the video

EnergyNest crowdfunds to boost growth of cost-efficient energy storage

Fashion entrepreneur has faith in crowdfunding: “Crowdfunding brings equality into the market”

How digitalisation helps private investments

Crowdfunding figures – the failure rates and success stories of the industry in 2016

Printable batteries power the internet of things

The Evolution of Crowdfunding: New Investor Types

Enfucell CEO: "We bring something to the market that the world needs"

There's more to fintech than crowdfunding – invoice trading and AREX

Marita Huurinainen CEO: "We look for brand ambassadors"

5 main points about the Finnish crowdfunding act

Job ad: Business development intern

The Value Chain of Crowdfunding and VCs

DeLight CEO: "I call myself a responsible entrepreneur"

Crowdfunded BiiSafe improves personal safety with new smart jewellery

Tunto Design CEO: "I’m not afraid to set the bar high."

Liquidity and crowdfunding

Huone's founder: "My ultimate dream is to see Huone as a global business."

Nordic equity crowdfunding leader sets up in the UK

Top 5 Challenges of a Crowdfunding Campaign

Is AI-powered social learning the future of edutech?