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"Bringing people's minds together might often lead into better outcomes"



Future Dialog puts citizens at the core of city development. Their CEO Erno sat down with us and told us how he wants to make better communities. Read below and find Future Dialog's pitch and investment page here.


1. Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Throughout my career I have been involved in new business development and in selling new innovations to solve customer problems and needs in ways that haven´t been experienced before. Back in 2007 I started to work for a startup called Sparklike Ltd that truly had created a revolutionary technology for the glass industry. Experiencing the impact the solution had for the industry was extremely rewarding, even addictive I might say. Especially when you can see a bunch of people pushing towards the same goal. Ever since those days, it has been about creating innovative solutions to well defined customer problems.

2. What are you like as an entrepreneur?

I guess I am one of those straight forward old school guys that has a great faith in tangible things. I am not a big ad hoc fan I hate to say but I believe in process´ and things moving forward in an organized manner. I like to set challenging objectives but ones that can be broken down to a level in which everybody understands what is expected from them. One thing that I am fascinated about in this scene is to experience when talents around you learn new things and can immediately apply their learnings in their work. In a way, this is also something that I experience at home with my 7 and 9 years old boys that are eager to experience new things and learn something new each and every day.

 3. What makes the story of your personal career interesting?

Over the years I have experienced that organizations or communities of different kinds just push it blindfolded, regardless of what the other people or parts in the organizations are doing or experiencing. Especially when we are talking about communities with extremely skilled people and talents. Bringing people´s minds together might often lead into better outcomes.

Like in the case of modern day city development we have learned that the cities possess a great amounts of brainpower willing to co create. But unfortunately, there is also a lack of suitable channels that could be used for easy and fun co creation. This is exactly where Future Dialog jumps in.

4. What is your biggest professional accomplishment?

Building the Sparklike case towards its technology Spinoff and its further exit in 2012.

5. What is your biggest professional blunder?

I guess it could be impatient from time to time. Things and people need their time and that is something I have to remind myself about quite often. At the office and at home.

6. What is your dream for your company?

Well I think that by now we have already proven that our platform is a game changer. We have shown it in a very conservative customer segment. I would love to see us becoming the top of mind community engagement platform building better cities and communities around the world.

7. What motivates you?

I have always loved being involved in sales and I have to say I love doing it. I want to have enough time to work with customers and collect feedback from them to build the product further. By doing that I will also be able to lead the team from the front.

8. Why digital funding and why with Invesdor?

I think the nature of our business case fits well with the idea of crowdfunding and Invesdor is the top of mind player in this scene. Citizens around the world want to make their neighbourhoods the best places for them and the cities want to have commitment from the citizens. Through the platform we are also able to form a larger syndicate together with our existing investors. Going through the process has also been a great marketing opportunity.

9. Why would you invest in your company?

1. Future Dialog is addressing a real, well defined and a global customer need with a unique approach

2. We have a number of paying customers with traction and our model is fully scalable

3. We have a great and hungry team in place.

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Vera Lindström

Written by Vera Lindström