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Entrepreneur interview with InsightsAtlas


We asked Jarkko Jokirinta, the Founder and CEO of InsightsAtlas why advanced artificial intelligence matters in today's world of media and communications. InsightsAtlas is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence analytics companies in Finland. It combines mass human intelligence with AI algorithm to solve the most demanding analytics challenges of our time.


Watch the video and learn more from InsightsAtlas' pitch and growth plan here.

  • What's the critical problem that InsightsAtlas is solving?
  • How does InsightsAtlas' innovation solve that problem?
  • Why would people consider investing in InsightsAtlas?
  • What's uniqueness in the investment structure of InsightsAtlas?

Find Jarkko's answers in this Entrepreneur Interview episode with InsightsAtlas.

Read InsightsAtlas' investment materials here. 

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Antti Kaihlanen

Written by Antti Kaihlanen

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