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Entrepreneur interview with Yeply: join the revolution of bicycle repair services


Yeply’s co-founders Tommi Särkkinen and Antti Känsälä sat down with Invesdor and told us what has encouraged the designer and engineer to team up and revolutionise the bicycle repair business. Watch the video and find Yeply's pitch presentation and growth plan here.

  • What's the problem that Yeply is solving?
  • Why does the problem matter?
  • What has made Yeply special in the business?
  • Why crowdfunding?
  • How will the funding help Yeply grow faster?
  • Why should people invest in Yeply?

Find Tommi and Antti's answers in this Entrepreneur Interview episode with Yeply.

Read Yeply's pitch here. 

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Antti Kaihlanen

Written by Antti Kaihlanen

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