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Fafa's' founder: "This is my biggest accomplishment."



We sat down with Fafa's' CEO Doron Karavani and talked about his experiences as an entrepreneur. Fafa's is currently fundraising on Invesdor. Read more below.

1. Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I've always wanted to work for myself. My journey as an entrepreneur started at the early age of 21, and before that, I travelled and got by on working small short-term jobs.

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2. What are you like as an leader?

As an entrepreneur I am determined and careful but still a risk taker. I believe that you learn best by doing and it's ok to make mistakes.


3. What makes the story of your personal career interesting?

Everything, quite spontaneously, got me to where I am today - achieving better targets with my career and business. I didn't have a set written plan in the early years, but I accomplished a lot with the support from my dear friends, family, loyal customers, and doing what I do best with a passion - food.


4. What is your biggest professional accomplishment?

Fafa's. Seven years ago, I opened up the first restaurant not knowing what a true success story it would be. People really loved our pitas and kept coming back for more. The next 20 shops were operated through a garage. We never wanted to compromise on the quality of our food, so we were able to put all the money earned on the product, reacting to customer feedback and giving back to the community - such as junior athletes, local concert organisers, renovating skate parks and awarding young architects. In return, we've seen the familiar faces of these communities return to our restaurants time and time again.


5. What was your biggest professional blunder?

In the early years, not having the resources to be able to keep each and every talent until today.

6. What is your dream for your company?

My dream is to manage and create a strong brand that offers and produces quality and truly healthy, great tasting food. Grow even bigger by hiring new talent, opening up new restaurants, building a better understanding of our loyal client base and grow as the leader in the field.


7. Who is your role model?

Richard Branson. I love his story, and I love how he spends his money.


8. What motivates you?

My family and my team.


9. Why crowdfunding and why with Invesdor?

I want more people to become a part of our story and our company. I know that Invesdor has great reputation when it comes to crowdfunding and will help us get the funding we need to grow as the future leader of fast casual.


10. Why would you invest in your company? Give three reasons.

1. Fast growing company

2. A strong brand with plenty of opportunities.

3. I believe in this company.

Read Fafa's investment material here.

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Joel Kettunen

Written by Joel Kettunen