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Fuudel: A platform for restaurants, customers, and delivery drivers

Fuudel is a fully integrated automation platform that facilitates a range of services for restaurants, consumers, and delivery drivers – including online ordering, loyalty scenes, recruitment services, and a jobs portal. Fuudel is currently fundraising with Invesdor.


Dabier Miya was born in London to first generation Bangladeshi immigrants. Growing up he spent much of his time working in the kitchens of busy city restaurants, which gave him early, hands-on insight into the hospitality industry. He went on to study Maths and Physics at UCL before carving out a career in software that oscillated between sales and project management.

In 2005, his brother – an award-winning chef – proposed that they partner to create a start-up restaurant venture in Harrow, which turned into a successful nine-year journey that included eight restaurants across multiple cuisines and locations, from fine dining Japanese to canteen style Pan Asian cuisine, from London to Cambridge and several locations in between. Dabier managed these successful ventures all whilst holding down his day job in the city, and the learnings, he says, were numerous.

“The [restaurant] journey was full of highs and lows, huge successes and a couple of pretty major mistakes,” says Dabier. “But what the journey really did for me was open my eyes to the pitfalls and opportunities of this sector.”

By 2014 having exited all but one of their restaurant ventures, Dabier set out to turn some of the industry’s challenges into opportunities by combining his software development and hospitality industry knowledge. From this Fuudel was born.


Extensive end-user feedback and collaboration

Fuudel started off initially as a simple online-ordering app that was white labelled and sold into restaurants and takeaways on a license basis. “It provided restaurants and takeaways with a channel through which to receive orders directly from their customers, bypassing the likes of JustEat and Hungry House, and the exorbitant fees they have to pay these operators,” he explains.

As the client base for this service rapidly expanded, Dabier conducted detailed end-user research that was then fed into the platform’s evolution. “We tracked every step of the business journey to ensure we were providing what our end users really needed, involving them in as many areas as possible,” he explains. “Apart from just listening to their feedback, we offered rewards and discounts to early adapters. Building with this knowledge has made the process much more efficient and driven good initial demands for Fuudel’s service.”


An unrivalled range of products and services

The service has now evolved into a comprehensive and innovative range of products and services. “We are not just an online ordering platform, but a fully integrated restaurant automation platform,” he explains. Fuudel is now used by over 300 restaurants and takeaways across London and the Home Counties. Restaurants and customers benefit from loyalty schemes, real-time order tracking, and in-app tableside ordering. In addition over 600 drivers have been recruited across bicycle, moped and car owners. Drivers can work the hours they chose and can accept jobs from operators according to their individual preference.

“While we are certainly not the first operator in this space, we’ve put innovation at the heart of everything we do,” he says. “I think our partners have already started to see that – they’re buying into us even when there is a JustEat, HungryHouse, Deliveroo and other services already behind the counter.”


Growth to date, and future plans

One of the key areas in Fuudel’s success will be to scale up the operation and offer its services into new territories, both within the UK and internationally. “Our growth plan also includes expanding our innovative products and services, and growing those services into different verticals beyond just food,” says Dabier. 

Fuudel is crowdfunding with Invesdor to fuel this growth, a decision that Dabier said was a no-brainer. “I met Henrik Ottosson, Invesdor’s UK MD, at an event at Excel London,” he explained. “From our first conversation I felt he really took the time to understand the business and our key objectives. We weren’t just ‘another crowdfunding campaign’.”

Whilst Dabier has explored other funding options with VCs and angel investors investment, he believes crowdfunding yields the most benefits. “With equity crowdfunding you’re in the driving seat in terms of timing, valuation and rights attached to those shares,” he said. “In addition to this is of course the huge publicity element.”

All funds raised will be utilised for scaling the business, including start-up costs, working capital, and building the team to achieve the forecasted growth plan. The investment will enable Fuudel to invest in the R&D that will empower the company to stay ahead of the market. The funding will also facilitate the recruitment of the sales, marketing, admin and support staff that will underpin Fuudel’s growth in the marketplace.

Find out more and invest in Fuudel here.

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Written by Invesdor