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Fuudel CEO Dabier: The Accidental Entrepreneur.


Seamlessly connecting food operators to consumers and on demand services through our disruptive technology. Fuudel's platform goes beyond online ordering, providing innovative, cutting edge tools and services that allow food businesses to thrive. 


Why did you become an entrepreneur? 

It was unplanned. As a student, I did not know that entrepreneurship would be my life's calling. I just happened to jump on an opportunity to start a business with my elder brother. I was not ready, but by taking the first step, I started on a path that over time gave me the skills I needed (a process that’s still on-going); this was whilst still holding down a full time day job.  
I have always felt like a misfit in my working career, often having the urge to make a difference. When I started making that difference, I ended up as an accidental entrepreneur - reaching success only after repeated troubles and failures. Throughout all of this, I had an inner drive and an unrelenting passion to succeed that kept me going. 


What are you like as an entrepreneur? 

  • I take action; whilst I’m meticulous in my planning it’s the action thereafter and execution that I get fixated on.  
  • I’m resourceful, even when I haven’t had the resources I needed, I did whatever was necessary to make things work.  
  • I obsess over cash flow; In my first bootstrapped venture all I ever thought about was cash flow and liquidity. There were several times when I was days from payroll and didn’t have enough cash to make it.  Liquidity is everything – without liquidity you don’t have a business.  
  • I love a challenge; challenges motivate me to work harder. Tell me something is impossible and I’ll show you ways I can make it possible.  
  • I listen; I try and surround myself with people smarter than me and am always keen to listen to new ideas. Success takes communication and collaboration.  


 What makes the story of your personal career interesting? 

The stark contrast between the highs and the lows; I’ve had some great success and amazing stories to tell of the journey; however naturally there have been some eye watering moments, where there have been struggles, failures and some real lows. But the entire journey, with the highs and the lows, is what has made me the person I am today.  


What is your biggest professional accomplishment? 

Remotely assembling and managing a team of 12 offshore developers and together bringing Fuudel to market. In turn which has made life easier for in excess of 300 restaurant’s and takeaway businesses. 


What is your biggest professional blunder? 

I was going through a period of business and personal turbulence. In haste I decided to close Calcutta Club; a successful restaurant & bar in Cambridge. In hindsight, had I persevered for a little longer I could have sold the business for a large sum.  


What is your dream for your company? 

Just as Just Eat did for the fast food sector, Uber did for the sharing economy and Amazon did for online shopping, my vision is to make Fuudel a new benchmark for the restaurant & takeaway sector.  


Who is your role model and why? 

Undoubtedly my mother. Single handily raising 5 young children, holding down 2 jobs and virtually having to work around the clock, being resourceful and instilling the values of hard work and dedication. My mother continues to be an inspiration every day of my life.  


What motivates you?

First and foremost, family; wanting to give for them everything that I didn’t have as a child.  

Working with some extremely talented people, solving real issues, being challenged, learning, making a difference, having fun and making money along the way are just some of the things that excite me. 


Why crowdfunding and why with Invesdor? 

For me crowdfunding was a no brainer. With equity crowdfunding you’re in the driving seat, in terms of timing, valuation and rights attached to those shares. In addition to this is of course the huge publicity element.  

The reason for choosing Invesdor; was simple I met Henrik, Invesdors head of UK branch, at an event at Excel London. From the very initial conversation I felt he really took the time to understand the business and our key objectives and it wasn’t just ‘another crowdfunding campaign’. 


 Why would you invest in your company? Give three reasons. 

  • The technology. It genuinely makes a difference to businesses  
  • The team. With the right blend of passion, talent and motivation to make Fuudel a success. The team know how to work hard and how to have fun. 
  • The company. Current and future expectations of Fuudel’s evolving competitive advantage. Fuudel is expected to gain a huge advantage over our competitors through the development of cutting edge IP for the fast food sector  

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Written by Invesdor