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Invesdor's platform revolutionises financial services – 4 reasons to outsource

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It's not smart to do everything yourself, and a great digital customer experience doesn't have to mean years of costly development – even in the highly-regulated financial industry. This summarizes the benefits Invesdor's platform carries for financial services providers.

Invesdor, voted the best Nordic fintech of the year in 2018, uses and licenses to others one of the most advanced platforms in financial services. The platform can manage issuance of securities, such as shares and bonds, matching of share subscriptions to money flows, and identifying parties of the transactions. Invesdor has been building its platform in-house since 2011.

The platform is a good fit for companies that organise financing, such as venture capital or private equity firms. Many investors expect seamless digital user experiences, but dealing with financial services providers still often means dealing with the old-school hassle of forms and phone calls.

”Our platform is very user-friendly, especially in terms of the investor experience. Many traditional financial services providers process investments in a heavy, expensive process involving printing, scanning and sending of papers back-and-forth. Often the only way for an investor to prove their identity is to physically visit an office and show their ID," says Erik Rehn, Invesdor's head of deal flow.

Invesdor's platform can be integrated into a financial services provider's website, thus enabling the firm to provide a smooth user experience on its own website. Invesdor's operations are MiFID II compliant, which means that the company using the platform doesn't necessarily need to have a license of its own. The look and feel of the service can be customised to fit brand guidelines.

”Invesdor makes investing into a platform business. That enables companies to focus on their core business and not lose sleep over compliance matters, for example," says Rehn.

Outsourcing a platform best suits growth-minded financial services providers. It yields the following four benefits:

1. Improved investor experience

Investors expect increasingly good investment experiences and digital services. Nobody wants to call an office to check how many shares they own or when a subscription period ends. Answering these questions one by one is also a waste of resources.

2. Increased revenue

A user-friendly digital platform enables your firm to accept smaller investments, thus growing your revenue by serving new, previously unserved customer groups. Issues with low minimum subscriptions can be marketed by hyper-targeted marketing messages on social media, for instance.

3. Lower costs

A ready-made platform can save you money, because your company can focus on growth instead of hiring a full back office. A modern platform will also cut down on incoming investor enquiries as the investors will be able to easily find the information they need, for example shareholding information for filing their taxes. This frees up your experts to focus on productive work with clients instead of routinely moving information from a scanned form into a spreadsheet.

4. Sleep well

Invesdor is a MiFID II compliant licensed investment firm that you can trust. We produce a reliable audit trail and do strong know-your-customer and anti-money-laundering checks for you. We let you focus on creating added value for your clients.

Interested in the potential of the Invesdor platform? Lasse will be happy to tell you more.

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Mikko Savolainen

Written by Mikko Savolainen

Head of marketing at Invesdor