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Livsdal walnut limestone Norr front landscape

Invest in Livsdal, the world’s most efficient consumer air purifier. You’ll become a shareholder of a cleantech company that attempts to solve the world’s largest health risk - polluted air. To make the 2 x impact, we will donate 2% of your investments to GoClimateNeutral.

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Campaign terms:

  • Invesdor and Livsdal together will donate 2% (1% from each company respectively) of the total sum (after deductions of fees and costs in the fundraising campaign) invested by all investors before 4th June, 2019 in Livsdal's funding round on www.invesdor.com in accordance with the funding round's terms and conditions.

  • The donations will be made only if Livsdal's funding round reaches its minimum target, i.e. 3,000,000 SEK.

  • The donations will be made to GoClimateNeutral. Learn more about the organisation at: https://www.goclimateneutral.org/about

  • The donations to be made by Livsdal will come from the company's existing funds, i.e. not the funds raised in this funding round.

  • The donations will be transferred after the funding round closes successfully and the investment sum and campaign costs are confirmed.

Invest now and make 2 x impactPlease note that all investments carry a risk of losing capital. Invest responsibly and always familiarize yourself with the investment material before making an investment decision. 

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Antti Kaihlanen

Written by Antti Kaihlanen

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