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Three points to keep in mind about Seafire's IPO

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Invesdor is the main arranger in Seafire AB’s IPO on NGM Nordic MTF in Sweden. This gives an opportunity to Invesdor member investors to be a part of an IPO to a marketplace outside of Finland. Because the listing is in Sweden this raises three unique points that Finnish investors should keep in mind when investing.

Share Registration

The first one relates to registering the shares. Seafire AB (publ) shares are registered in Euroclear Sweden. If you don’t have a holdings account with a Swedish bank in Sweden, the shares will be registered to your Finnish securities account service provider’s custodian account in Sweden. Most service providers in Finland can offer a custodian account in Sweden to hold the shares but if you are unsure whether your bank can offer this, please be in contact with your bank.

Please note that your bank may charge a fee for registering the shares depending on your service provider and your contract. For the shares to be delivered to Finnish investors, you as an investor need to be in contact with your bank.

Invesdor will offer a message template via email to the investors after the successful completion of the funding round and the allocation of shares. This template can be copied and forwarded directly to the bank. With the information of the message the banks and other service providers can allocate the shares to the right customer.


Subscription Payment

The second point to keep in mind is that in Swedish IPOs subscription are usually paid only after the allocation of shares. The allocation is scheduled currently to happen a few days after the subscription period ends.

In Seafire’s offering Invesdor offers the investors the possibility to pay the subscription via e-bank when subscribing or via invoice. The invoice is free of charge whereas the e-bank payment method has a charge from the payment method service provider (1.5% of the invested amount, min. 30 SEK). The invoice can be paid by following the payment instructions given in the invoice or alternatively you can pay the subscription after the allocation of shares.

Should you pay after the allocation, the sum to be paid is the number of shares allocated to you times the price per share. Also, if you pay after allocation please disregard the invoice you receive when making the subscription. You will receive a new invoice with new payment details after the allocation.


The Currency 

The third and last point to keep in mind is that the investments are made in Swedish kronas. When paying from a euro denominated account, the investor might have to pay exchange rate fees during payment of subscription.

Also, please note that changes in the exchange rate of the Swedish krona can affect dividends of the company and the market price of the shares.

Please read the prospectus of Seafire AB before making a subscription.

Please note that the Seafire offering is only available in Finland and Sweden. This material does not constitute an offer or a solicitation of an offer to acquire any shares outside Finland or Sweden.

Joel Kettunen

Written by Joel Kettunen