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We are prepared for GDPR!


GDPR is almost here, and we're prepared

G-D-P-R. The combination of letters that was still hard to remember a little more than a year ago. Now all inboxes are filled with GDPR-related emails, and one couldn’t forget the letter combination even in their sleep. This blog post, too, is attached to a newsletter.

Even though the long implementation phase is testing our nerves, we should all remember that EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is meant to be a shield for all European individuals. In the information society of today, data is power, and GDPR with its terrifying sanctions forces all companies that generate revenue based on personal information to put a lot of thought into their privacy policies. Better processes lead to better protection. Victory for all of us owners of personal data!

GDPR steps into force on Friday the 25th of May 2018, and Invesdor is prepared. As an investment firm, we’re required to collect quite a lot of information on our users, and thus we have been looking closely on our processes for the past several months. We are dedicated to data protection and will not use your personal data for unlawful or indecent purposes. Read more on our data protection here and on our Privacy Policy.

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Sonja Lassila

Written by Sonja Lassila

Legal & compliance