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What is included in the progress bar?

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During a financing round, the progress is displayed in the pitch. To avoid confusion of which investments are included in the bar, we have gathered the main points in this blog post. 

The progress bar shows how much funds have been invested in the round. The bar reacts in real time to all investments, but with bigger invoices there might be delays due to Invesdor’s inner controls.

All investments in the progress bar have been committed to, but not necessarily paid yet. It is possible that despite the investor’s liability to pay, the investment is left out as unpaid.

Invesdor is required by law to know its investor customers. The progress bar may include investments whose investors have not yet provided all necessary identity information. It is possible that some information is not delivered in time, and a specific investment must be left out.

The progress bar might also exceptionally include investments that have been made and paid directly to the target company, outside Invesdor. It shall be noted that these funds might already be useable in the company. Adding such investment to the progress bar requires that it is made as part of the same funding round and with equal terms. Invesdor always checks these investments and payments. Exceptional investments are always described in the pitch, in the section handling terms of investment.

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Sonja Lassila

Written by Sonja Lassila

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