One portal to rule them all

Take ownership of cap table management with Invesdor's Ownersportal

Ownersportal is Invesdor's software-as-a-service tool for managing issued securities, such as shares and bonds. Ownersportal is a nimble alternative to heavy and expensive central securities depositories (CSD) that are traditionally used to store electronic securities. 

Ownersportal eliminates the mess of managing multiple excel spreadsheets while still retaining the flexibility that the company would lose by entering a CSD.


1. List your issued securities in one place

Let's say your company has a hundred shareholders with multiple share classes that have different voting rights. Perhaps the shares are even tradeable, and the company has issued a bond or two, and it has several options plans. 

The truth is that your company has a complex cap table. Ownersportal can help you keep track of all issued securities and eliminate risks related to version control. 


2. Transfer securities

Keeping up with changes in share- and bondholder information can get overwhelming if the securities are tradeable. With Ownersportal you can officially record trades and other changes in ownership of your shares or bonds a lot easier. You can even view ownership chains of individual securities, so you will always know who has owned the securities. 


3. Communicate with share- and bondholders

Ownersportal enables you to message your share- and bondholders and share files with them with the same tool – no need to bother with exports, spreadsheets and external email software. Your contact list is automatically updated with changes in ownership, so you can be sure you always have the latest version.


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