Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the services ("Service") provided by Invesdor Ltd. ("Invesdor").

By using the Service You acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and You give Your express and explicit consent to Invesdor to process Your Personal Information as set out in this Privacy Policy. If You do not agree with this Privacy Policy You may not use the Service.

If You are under 18 years of Age or a minor in Your country of residence, You must inform Your parent or any other person having responsibility for You about this Privacy Policy and ask for his/her permission to Your use of the Service. The person completing the registration to the Service must be of full legal capacity.

How Does Invesdor Collect Personal Information

When You register an account with Invesdor, Invesdor may collect personal information such as, but not limited to, Your name, year of birth, country of residence, postal (zip) code, email address, and other information that enables Invesdor to identify You in connection with Your use of the Service.

The Service may also install small pieces of software on Your Internet browser or mobile phone (generally known as "cookies") to collect certain Personal Information and technical information (such as, but not limited to, Your Internet protocol address, Your computer's operating system, Your browser type, traffic patterns and the address of any referring Web site) necessary to enable the proper functioning and provision of the Service. Should You wish to stop the Service from automatically collecting any Personal Information or technical information when You use the Service, You may do so by changing Your computer’s Internet access settings (where available), but please note that such changes may affect the availability and proper functioning of the Service.

Furthermore, Invesdor will collect information on Your payments to Invesdor and Invesdor’s payments to you for the use of the Service.

The above information collected by Invesdor on You is hereinafter collectively referred to as "Personal Information".

For What Purposes Does Invesdor Collect Personal Information

The processing of Personal Information on You is based on You being a customer of Invesdor and You giving Your consent to such processing by Invesdor in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information is collected by Invesdor for the purpose of providing the Service to You. Information on Your payments is collected for the purpose of administering Your Service and for Invesdor's bookkeeping.

Furthermore, Invesdor collects and uses Personal Information for the purposes of responding to Your questions, fulfilling Your requests and managing and providing the Service to You. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, Invesdor may also use Your Personal Information to enforce any agreement between You and Invesdor, to ensure the security and functionality of the Service and to identify You and to prevent and investigate any fraud or other misuse of the Service.

Invesdor may also use Your Personal Information to develop the Service or to personalize or customize the Service to better address Your use of the Service. If You have so consented (opted-in), Invesdor may also use Your Personal Information to inform you of any changes or improvements to the Service, and Invesdor may also use Your Personal Information to provide You with marketing information regarding the Service or any other service or product now or later provided by Invesdor or any third party designated by Invesdor. Your Personal Information may also be used for conducting market research or other research relating to the Service.

With Whom Does Invesdor Share Your Personal Information

Your user information will be visible to the other users at the Service. You may control the visibility of your user information at the privacy settings of the Service.

If You have given Invesdor Your consent to provide You with marketing information relating to the Service, or any other service or product including any third party service or product, Invesdor may share Your Personal Information with Invesdor’s designated third parties to enable such third parties to provide marketing information regarding their products and services.

Invesdor may also share Your Personal Information with any Invesdor affiliated companies or authorized third parties who may process Personal Information on behalf of Invesdor for the purpose set out in this Privacy Policy. Invesdor may, for instance, share Your Personal Information with third parties who collect payments for the Service on behalf of Invesdor.

As Your Personal Information may be stored on servers located in various countries around the world, Your Personal Information may be transferred across international borders outside the country where You have submitted Your Personal Information and where You use the Service, including to countries outside the European Economic Area. In such cases Invesdor takes appropriate steps to ensure that there is a legal basis for such transfer and that adequate protection for Your Personal Information is provided as required by the applicable law. By using the Service and/or submitting any Personal Information to Invesdor You give Invesdor Your express and explicit consent to the transfer of Your Personal Information across international borders.

Invesdor may also share Your Personal Information if and to the extent necessary to comply with any mandatory law or a court order, including the disclosure of Your Personal Information to relevant authorities, third parties or law enforcement agencies when compelled by applicable law or a court order or when required for the purposes of Invesdor enforcing its rights to the Service.

Data Security

Invesdor applies appropriate technical measures to ensure the security of Your Personal Information. Such measures include the following:

The database where the Personal Information is stored is operated in a locked environment, to which only authorized personnel has access. A certain part of the Personal Information is encrypted. However, despite the technical security measures taken by Invesdor, the use of the Internet and submission of Personal Information is always associated with risks and no system or measure is completely safe. Especially, the "Beta" trial version of the service may contain such software faults, which may weaken the Data Security. Therefore, if You choose to register to the "Beta" trial version of the Service, You must be prepared to accept a higher risk with respect to Data Security. Invesdor recommends that You always use caution when submitting any Personal Information on the Internet.

Your Right to Inspect, Correct and Prohibit the Use of Personal Information

You have the right at any time to inspect and correct any Personal Information concerning You that has been submitted to Invesdor by You. Furthermore, You have the right to have any incorrect, incomplete, outdated or unnecessary Personal Information removed or updated and Invesdor may also without notice itself correct or remove any incorrect, incomplete, outdated or unnecessary Personal Information.

You may also at any time prohibit Invesdor from using Your Personal Information for marketing or distance selling purposes or for purposes of conducting market or opinion studies.

In order to exercise Your rights please contact Invesdor at and detail Your request. Invesdor will process Your request without undue delay.

Data Controller

The data controller of the Personal Information that You submit to Invesdor or that Invesdor may otherwise collect in or in connection with the Service is:

Invesdor Ltd. (Business ID: 2468896-2), a limited liability company duly established under the laws of Finland, having its principal place of business at Salomonkatu 17 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.

In matters relating to Your privacy and any Personal Information submitted to or collected by Invesdor, please contact Invesdor by sending email to the address

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Invesdor reserves the right to modify or revise this Privacy Policy or cancel or suspend the access and use of the Service at any time with or without notice. Any modified or revised Privacy Policy will be posted on the Service. Invesdor recommends that You periodically visit this page to learn of any modifications or revisions to this Privacy Policy.