Invesdor, as a data controller, is determined to look after your data privacy. On this page, we explain privacy related policies, rights of the users of our service and means of getting in touch with us on personal information and privacy related matters.

Please get to know our privacy policy where we set the rules for all handling of personal information.

Marketing communication preferences

From your profile settings you may affect the kinds of marketing communications we send you. We recommend you review your current settings and modify them according to your preferences.

Reviewing Your Personal Information:

You may at any time review the information you have submitted from your own profile and export the information in xml-form. You may also update your information by editing your profile.

Deleting Your Personal Information:

If you wish to have your data removed, you may send us a request to Please note, that due to legislation, we are often not allowed to delete your information, and in these situations, we limit the use of your data in storing it in accordance with the legislation.

Contacting Invesdor:

If you are unsatisfied in our way of using your personal information, please contact us at to file an official complaint.

For other questions and comments on our privacy policies, you may contact us through other means as well, for example by using the chat tool on our website.

Please note, that the messages sent to Invesdor's email addresses and the messages sent via the chat tool on our website may be transmitted through an unsecured connection. Please always submit your personal information by uploading it directly on the platform instead of sending it to us via email.