Perspectives on Equity Crowdfunding - Oslo

  • MESH 3 Tordenskioldsgate 0160 Oslo Norway

Invesdor and Selmer are co-hosting an event about Equity Crowdfunding in Oslo.

Equity Crowdfunding is still a relatively new concept in the financing world. So does it challenge or compliment traditional forms of company financing? What are the legal implications that the companies should consider? Why might companies avoid doing it? Invesdor and Selmer have invited some key people from the investment scene in Oslo to share their perspective.

The following people are lined up to share their perspectives on growth company financing and in particular - Equity Crowdfunding - in Norway:

Introduction & welcome 

            Susanne Hannestad - CEO of Fintech Mundi

Growth Company Financing in Norway

            Steinar Svalesen - Partner at Beringer Finance

Invesdor – Do we disrupt or compliment growth company finance?

            Lasse Mäkelä - CEO of Invesdor

Legal perspectives on Equity Crowdfunding

            Remi Dramstad & Andreas Jarbø - Selmer Law

A VC’s view on Equity Crowdfunding

            Bjørn Christensen - Partner at Alliance Venture

EnergyNest: Crowdfunding for sustainable future

            André Korn - CFO of EnergyNest

Panel Discussion - hosted by Susanne Hannestad

            All speakers + Johan Aasen from the Norwegian Financial Services Authority

Drinks and Networking