Privacy Notice

For Job Applicants

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of EU (679/2016).


Data Controller

Invesdor Oy
Business code: 2468896-2
Address: Salomonkatu 17 A, 00100 Helsinki
Phone: +358 20 7352590

Data Protection Officer

Mikko Kangasaho
Phone: 020 7352590

Grounds and Purpose for Handling

The legal grounds for handling personal information is:

  • Consent given by the registered to handle their personal data
  • Legitimate interest of the register keeper.

We gather and handle personal information to assess job applicants and to hire new employees.

Regular Sources of Information

Information recorded in the personal information register are regularly gathered from the following sources:

  • Registered themselves
  • A recommendatory nominated by the registered
  • Public Linkedin profile of the registered
  • Creditworthiness is checked for those who deal with customer funds or belong in the management team.

Information Handled

We collect and handle the following personal information:

  • Personal information: name and birthday
  • Contact information: phone number, address and email
  • Information related to job experience and education
  • Other information mentioned in the job application.

Transferring Personal Information

Invesdor may transfer personal information to such third parties who may handle the personal information on behalf of Invesdor, such as a HR consultant advising Invesdor in the hiring process. Invesdor may transfer personal information for example for the following purposes:

  • Handling your job application on behalf of Invesdor
  • Keeping your job application on behalf of Invesdor.

Transferring Personal Information Outside EU

Personal Information may be transferred outside EU and EEA only in accordance with the Commission’s decision regarding adequate protection.

Record Keeping

The personal information is stored for as long as it can be used for fulfilling open job positions or the registered asks for deletion of the information.


Based on the personal information, job applicants are evaluated and new employees are hired.

Rights of the Registered

Right to have access to the personal information:

The registered has the right to have a verification on whether his/her information is handled and if the information is handled, the right to have a copy of his/her personal information.

Right to correct the information:

The registered has the right to have inaccurate and incorrect information concerning them corrected. The registered has the right to have the incomplete information completed by providing the necessary additional information.

Right to be forgotten:

The registered has the right to ask for removal of his/her personal information, if

  1. the personal information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected;
  2. the registered cancels the consent on which the handling of the personal information is based on;
  3. the personal information has been handled unlawfully.

Right to restrict the handling of the information:

The registered has the right to restrict the handling of his/her personal information, if

  1. the registered denies the accuracy of the information
  2. the handling is unlawful, and the registered opposes the removal of the information and instead demands the handling of the information to be restricted;
  3. the data controller no longer needs the information for the purposes it was primarily collected for, but the person whom the information concerns, needs it for establishing, presenting or defending a legal claim

Right to revoke consent:

The registered has the right to cancel the consent that he/she has given without it affecting the lawfulness of the handling that has been executed based on the consent prior to the cancellation of the consent.

Right to make a complaint to the surveillance authority:

The national supervisory authority of matters concerning personal information is the Data Protection Ombudsman who works in the Ministry of Justice. You have the right to assign your matter to the Data Protection Ombudsman for evaluation and processing, if it appears to you, that your personal information is been handled unlawfully.


All questions concerning the handling of personal information and situations regarding the use of one’s rights, are to be directed to the controller of the register.